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Get The FREE 'Badger Kickoff 2011' QB Update Featuring Russell Wilson!

We've updated our quarterback position profile in Badger Kickoff 2011 and it now available to everyone for free.

Download the free update here!

If you already bought a copy of Badger Kickoff 2011, you're probably looking for the Russell Wilson information we weren't able to include in this year's magazine because he committed to Wisconsin after the magazine went to the presses. To accommodate you, we've updated our quarterback profile to include Wilson and we are making it available to everyone for free.

If you haven't bought a copy of the magazine, we hope this free download will serve as a sneak peak to a can't miss magazine. Keep in mind the download is just two of the 128 full-color, ad-free pages inside Badger Kickoff 2011.

You can now find Badger Kickoff 2011 on newsstands across Wisconsin and online here.