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Badger Bits: Big Ten won't play favorites this year

Just a quick note- I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow, so while I'm our Mr. Adam Tupitza will make sure you get your fix of Badger Bits. I'll be back on Friday, refreshed and ready to on another season of Badger football!

We're getting close to the official start of the college football season! The Big Ten media days start next week, but even with the addition of Nebraska, this year's shindig will be a little different. Unlike years past, the conference will not name preseason favorites to win the conference, as well as offensive and defensive players of the year. I can't say I blame them- as you can see in Brian Bennett's post above, the preseason favorite has actually won the Big Ten less than half of the time. But hey, maybe it just felt wrong for the Big Ten to pick a team other than Ohio State to win it all. 

Meanwhile, Travis Miller of SB Nation Indiana writes about expectations for each team at the media days. Click through the jump for more links!

Dave of Maize and Brew writes down a few questions he will not ask during the media days. His questions for Bielema are pretty funny, but he did spell Bielema wrong, so there's that. 

Former Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt was featured in one of's Everything to Prove videos- go check it out!

Bill Connelly of the SB Nation mothership just previewed the 2011 Wisconsin Badgers. It's full of cool stats and tidbits, and he even set the 2010 season to music!

Rick Reilly of wrote a piece about Nebraska joining the B1G. Never mind that it happened weeks ago, and that his timing is less than ideal. Travis Miller of Hammer and Rails (and the previously linked SB Nation Indiana) has dissected Reilly's column line by line, all so you don't have to. 

Michigan State will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Michigan next year, which got me thinking: would it be worth it to see the Badgers in a pro combat uni? Or do you subscribe to the theory that if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

That's it for me- have a great week!