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Badger Bits: Wilson adjusting to life as a Badger

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Russell Wilson is fitting in well with the Badgers so far.
Russell Wilson is fitting in well with the Badgers so far.

It feels like a while since we've heard about Russell Wilson, doesn't it? Have no fear, Tom Mulhern is here! Wilson has been in Madison for summer classes, and has been fitting in well with his new teammates, according to Mulhern's article on This seems like a "no news is good news" situation, where the transition is probably going well if we don't hear about it. It's kind of unfortunate for me, but hey. It's July- I can deal with dearth of news. 

Andy Baggot of also has a nine piece about Wilson's relationship with former UW chancellor Biddy Martin. Wilson and the Martin family are from the same part of Virginia, and Baggot reports that Wilson previously even babysat for Biddy's nephew! There are some great quotes in the article, so go check it out. I'm guessing knowing the former UW chancellor didn't hurt Wisconsin during Wilson's decision process. 

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