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Badger Bits: High profile games fill Wisconsin's schedule

Happy Friday! Here's to a relaxing weekend for everyone.

I was taking a look at the Badgers' 2011 schedule the other day, and one thing caught my eye. The Badgers already have four primetime games lined up on either ESPN or ABC: the home opener against UNLV, the Big Ten opener against Nebraska, and then two back to back road games in East Lansing and Columbus. They're all scheduled for 7:00 PM CST kickoffs, and I'm willing to bet my next paycheck at least one will be an ESPN College Gameday site.

Some of the writers at Off Tackle Empire have noticed this too, and they listed a few of their most anticipated games for the 2011 season. This year should feature great intra-conference matchups, but which of the Badgers' games do you want to see the most?

Check out the latest edition of Varsity on

Incoming freshman Jordan Fredrick was moved to wide receiver from linebacker, according to Tom Mulhern of

Melvin Gordon is another new Badger, and he'll have a chance to show off his talent this weekend.'s Big Ten blog ranked Wisconsin's special teams No. 2 in the conference.

The Badgers have a lot of tight ends, but incoming freshman Austin Maly doesn't care.

Have a great weekend!