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Badger Bits: It's never too early for bowl projections

What's that you say? "It's still July. Bowl projections don't mean anything!" Well, that may be true, but it's the middle of summer. Cut me some slack. Plus, a little speculation hasn't hurt anyone (that I know of) so let's dive right in.

Bama Hawkeye of Off Tackle Empire has his pre-pre-season bowl projections posted, and I'm willing to bet most Badger fans will be pleased. Bama paired the Badgers with Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship Game -- quite high praise from a Hawkeye fan. That's a little optimistic for me right now, but hey, it's July. I think Badger fans can be forgiven for dreaming a bit.

Meanwhile, EA Sports' new video game NCAA Football 12 (of which I am a proud owner) has simmed the whole 2011 season. The game puts the Badgers in another BCS bowl, this time in the Sugar Bowl against LSU. Somehow that seems more daunting to me than Bama's prediction. What do you think? Want to take a stab at the Badgers' potential bowl game -- vote in the poll!

Andy Baggot wants the NCAA to hit Ohio State where it hurts -- their wallets.

ESPN's Big Ten blog has made a Leaders division all-star team -- go check it out!

Wisconsin cornerback Antonio Fenelus is on the preseason watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award, according to

Mike Lucas has a message for college hockey fans: Do not panic. All is well.

I realize this is a year old, but it's still nice to watch every now and then. Have a good day!