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Badger Bits: Herbert Keeps Badgers on a Plan

Hey everyone- linkage is a little brief today, as life has gotten in the way. Funny how that happens sometimes. 

The summer before fall camp may seem a little slow for you and me, but in reality there is no offseason for the Badger football team. Just take a look at the Twitter accounts of a few players, and you'll notice how often they go in for workouts and conditioning. For a deeper look into the offseason action, Mike Lucas of wrote about the man behind every player's plan: Ben Herbert, Wisconsin's strength and conditioning coach. 

Lucas writes that Herbert already has a plan for new Badger quarterback Russell Wilson, who is scheduled to enroll in summer classes and get accustomed to the program before fall camp starts later this summer. Again, there is no offseason for the players, and it looks like Wilson could benefit a lot from coming to Madison as soon as possible.

In case you didn't see- I answered a bunch of questions over at Off Tackle Empire for their "Wisconsin week potluck." Topics ranged from Wilson, to Camp Randall, to Paul Chryst losing his car keys, and other silliness. 

Tom Mulhern of writes that adding Russell Wilson will change the perception of the Badgers. 

Former Badgers running back Zach Brown has officially transferred to Pittsburgh, according to ESPN. Good luck, Zach. 

Check out the latest Big Ten mailblog, where they take a bit of time to examine Wisconsin's defense.

EDSBS has a list of the top Netflix movies in every Big Ten city, which if nothing else is good for a laugh. 

Finally, Nebraska officially becomes a Big Ten member today, so feel free to head on over to Corn Nation and extend a friendly "welcome," or a "Bucky don't care." Totally your call. 

Have a great weekend!