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Russell Wilson wraps up Madison visit; Commitment rumors swirling

Updated at 8:33 p.m. - Get the latest after the jump!

Russell Wilson's visit to Madison is over and it sounds as if it went incredibly well.

Our guy Ben Worgull from has a great recap of the visit after talking to multiple sources. According to Worgull, Wilson was welcomed at Camp Randall stadium with a replay of UW's win over then-No. 1 Ohio State on the jumbotron under the lights.

Since the visit ended, rumors have been swirling that Wilson gave UW coaches a commitment. Those rumors have not been confirmed however.

These rumors appear to be coming from the twitter profile of a guy named David Hookstead, who claims his information is coming directly from the UW Athletic Department.


I'm not saying his information isn't accurate, but no one I have talked to can confirm Wilson committed and we have yet to see any other reports confirming it.

Stay tuned. We'll keep this post updated as more information comes in. Also, be sure to follow @B5Q on Twitter for the latest.

Update (7:18 p.m.): Hookstead's twitter profile now says: “I’m a NCAA Sports investigator and writer. Love a great sports story and always have breaking sports news.”

Earlier it said something about making movies.

The guy is also now saying that Wilson finished meeting with UW coaches and an official announcement is coming soon. He also says Wilson will attend "the vast majority of fall camp."

Trust this info at your own risk.

Update (8:33): Matt Lincoln, a sports reporter for WWBT in Richmond, Va., tweets that he talked to Wilson's mother and she said her son DID NOT give UW coaches a commitment.