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Badger Bits: Wilson hangover, summer abyss, and planking

I think it's safe to say we've all fully digested the news that Russell Wilson is officially a Wisconsin Badger; personally, I'm officially feeling the hangover effects following the initial euphoria of Russell's commitment. So now what? Why can't today be the Thursday we wake up at 8 a.m. and start an all-day tailgate in anticipation for an evening affair at Camp Randall with the UNLV Rebels? Unfortunately, that day is still nine weeks away. So what do we do while we wait for football season in this summer abyss? We could go planking...

Russell Wilson is so much of a superstar in Madison that someone just made a fake RW Twitter account. In other news, both halves of Wisconsin's dynamic duo at running back now have Twitter. Please give a warm welcome to Montee Ball @Mball28.

Elliot Hughes of the Badger Herald encourages fans to remain level-headed about the Wilson addition. Evidently it's just too early to be dreaming of sugar plum fairies and Wisconsin national championships. (More links after the jump.)

Bielema likes the graduate transfer rule. No chance he was going to say he disliked it, considering he just used it. Leave it to Bret to take a free shot at the ESS-EE-SEE, who is not allowing grad transfers in after Oct. 1st. I would ask if players can still grad transfer out, but what SEC player actually earns a degree nowadays? (Burn.)

Russ Wilson isn't getting much NFL love right now.

Here's a vid of Bielema talking with the media in Heritage Hall about R-Dub.

So Bielema is hypothetically the 4th most talented MMA fighter out of all of the Big Ten coaches? ...god we need real football

Vic Ketchman of thinks Wisconsin will have to move away from power football on offense because it's slowly becoming extinct. Nonsense.

Alright, that's all for the links. Vote for your favorite Russell and enjoy your Thursday, folks.