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Badger Bits: Wilson Adds to Wisconsin's Momentum

Russell Wilson only adds to Wisconsin's growing momentum.
Russell Wilson only adds to Wisconsin's growing momentum.

The addition of Russell Wilson very well could make the Badgers Big Ten favorites in 2011, but his transfer has more long-term implications for Bret Bielema's program, according to Adam Mertz at the Capitol Times. We've discussed Wisconsin's improving brand in the past, and Dave Curtis of The Sporting News says Wilson's arrival signifies the Badgers' continued climb to the upper-echelon of the Big Ten. 

I feel like Curtis hits the nail on the head- the Badgers couldn't have picked a better time to slowly assume control of the Leaders division. OSU is taking hit after hit, and the Badgers seem to be hitting their stride and gaining momentum every day. Just look at Adam Rittenberg's video blog about Wisconsin's momentum. To put it simply, Bret Bielema and his Badgers are on a roll. No one knows how the 2011 season will shake out, but for right now Badger fans can dream of having the kind of national program that would have seemed impossible just over two decades ago. 

Ted Miller of ESPN's Pac-12 blog writes that Oregon State's road trip to Madison just got a lot harder.

Ben Worgull of FOX Sports Wisconsin writes that the Badgers are now the clear favorites in the Leaders division.

Does Russell Wilson remind you of anybody? For example, he reminds Ivan Maisel of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee.

Mike Lucas of writes that Wilson's visit sold him on Madison, and sold the Badgers on him. Also, apparently Wilson reminds Barry Alvarez of Jordan Taylor.

Ricardo Efendi of Off Tackle Empire asks a question: Have the Badgers lost too many playmakers to be competitive in 2011?

Scott Tolzien thinks Wilson will fit in with the Badgers, according to Andy Baggot of

Surprise, surprise: Bret Bielema is not on the hot seat, according to Brian Bennett of the Big Ten blog.