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Badger Kickoff 2011 Cover Revealed!

We've talked about it a lot and the moment is finally here. It's time to reveal the cover of Badger Kickoff 2011:


The magazine hits newsstands July 19 all across the state of Wisconsin, but you can pre-order a copy on and it will ship next week! 

This is the second annual edition of Badger Kickoff from Maple Street Press. Just like last year's magazine, this year's edition is filled with in-depth scouting reports on every position, an extensive preview of all 12 opponents, unbelievable feature stories on your favorite players and even the latest recruiting news. There are depth charts, scholarship charts, player rankings, recruiting rankings... you name it.

This is the only Wisconsin Badgers preview magazine of its kind. Unlike the national magazines which devote just one or two pages to the Badgers, we have 128 jam-packed pages of content and photos.

Go to for more details on Badger Kickoff 2011, including a sneak peak at the table of contents. Order your copy now!