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Biegel clarifies comments about BYU

A day after being quoted saying Wisconsin and BYU had signed a contract to play each other in 2014 and 2015, UW commit Vince Biegel backed off that claim and reaffirmed his loyalty to the Badgers.

The four-star linebacker from Wisconsin Rapids was quoted in a story on (subscription required) Wednesday saying he was still talking to BYU coaches despite giving UW head coach Bret Bielema a verbal commitment at Wisconsin's spring game in April.

"I read the story, too, and I think it got blown out of proportion," Biegel told Badger Nation (subscription required) Thursday. "What I said was that I still talk to BYU once every two weeks or so to say hi, and I know BYU is still interested. But, I am not the type of guy that changes my mind. BYU is a great school, but something bad would have to happen at Wisconsin to fully change my mind. I am fully committed to Wisconsin, I am excited to be a Badger and I fully plan on being a Badger."

And what about his plan to attend the BYU-Utah game in Provo, Utah this fall?

"I may still go out there for a game, I don’t know, because everything is up in the air right now, but I am 100 percent committed to Wisconsin," Biegel said.

I really don't mean to criticize a high school kid, but it sounds to me like he's telling BYU fans what they want to hear Wisconsin fans what they want to hear. Meanwhile, I doubt his recruitment is over.

As for the rumored Wisconsin-BYU series, which he said was a done deal in the story:

"When I went to visit BYU in the early spring, they said they were talking about having a series between the two schools, which would be so much fun to play my dad’s old school. Time will tell if that happens," he said.

That's a far cry from saying Wednesday: "We'll play one another because BYU and Wisconsin signed a contract with one another to play 2014 through 2015."