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Badger Bits: Russell Wilson Rumors Continue to Surface

Hey everybody- I really hope you aren't sick of hearing about former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson, cause we have a little more info to talk about. In a story about his involvement in another unforced NCAA violation, Andy Baggot of slipped in this little nugget: 

"A decision [from Wilson] is expected as early as Wednesday, this after Wilson visited Madison last week."

NBC Sports also picked up on the story, giving the rumor a little more momentum. However, I thought it was strange that the nugget about Wilson was buried in another story, and not in a story of its own. There are tons of rumors swirling about Wilson and whether or not he will come to Wisconsin, so be careful what you believe! In fact, our friend Dave Heller from the Journal-Sentinel says a member of the Asheville Tourists told him Wilson has not contacted the club about his plans. Be sure to keep checking B5Q- we'll have updates for you as news becomes available! 

Speaking of Wilson, even without a team has him among their top 100 players for 2011. 

You can vote now for Wisconsin's athletes of the year at so head on over there and do your electoral duty for your team. 

The Badgers also held a Football 101 session to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

I thought this was pretty funny- EDSBS explores which teams have the money available to sign Terrelle Pryor.

Again, be sure to check back here at B5Q for the latest news. If you do the tweety thing, you can follow B5Q, or even me if you want. 

Have a great day!