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Badger Bits: OT Kyle Dodson picks Wisconsin in a stunner

The Badgers got their fourth commitment from a four star prospect last night in offensive tackle Kyle Dodson. A behemoth at 6'6" and 315 pounds, Dodson chose the Badgers over Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Auburn, and pretty much every other Big Ten institution. The circumstances over Dodson's commitment were very intriguing. Alex over at Eleven Warriors, an Ohio State blog, tweeted this last evening:

"Apparently Kyle Dodson to ? one of the weirdest things I've seen in recruiting

Why was he so confused about Dodson's decision? No, it wasn't just him incredulous that Wisconsin plucked a four-star linemen out of Buckeye country, specifically Cleveland. Dodson actually received an Ohio State offer yesterday morning, as they had a deal worked out that he would receive an offer if he scored high enough on his ACT, which he did. So did he just wait for the Ohio State offer to then immediately rub it in their faces by committing to the Badgers? Dodson said that was not the case in a phone interview with the aforementioned Alex from Eleven Warriors:

As for the reason he felt today was the right day to commit to Wisconsin, Dodson said that he "didn't have time to drags things out because a lot of kids were committing earlier and he didn't want to lose his spot."

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Dodson also assured Ohio State fans that he is nothing like the most hated man in Ohio:

"I hope you understand I made the decision that was best for me and that one day you can welcome me back with open arms, as it is my dream to play for the Browns. I'm not LeBron!"

So all in all, Dodson's commitment was a welcome surprise to the Badgers. I liked the fact that he faked out Coach Bielema by pretending as if he was calling to say he had committed elsewhere. Ohio State's turmoil and Wisconsin's Rose Bowl appearance both likely were factors in his decision, as well as the success offensive linemen have had in Madison in recent years.

The Badgers now have two four star recruits on the offensive line for 2012 in Dodson and Dan Voltz. I've posted a Dodson video at the end of these Bits- let's just say pancakes were on the breakfast menu.

More Bits: has two Wisconsin duos as the best offensive duos in the Big Ten. Specifically, Montee Ball and James White were the best B10 running back duo while Peter Konz and Kevin Zeitler were rated the best interior linemen duo in the country.

Lost Lettermen rates Oregon State at Wisconsin as the tenth best non-conference matchup of 2011. I'm still glad the Badger defense won't have to deal with Jacquizz Rodgers running wild at Camp Randall.

The Big Ten picked the format of the Big Ten Hockey playoffs. The Badgers wanted the single elimination style of playoffs that the WCHA currently employs, but the conference instead went with a two-week format.

There hasn't been a lot of NBA buzz for Keaton Nankivil, but he is getting some looks from NBA teams.

Now for those pancakes, served up courtesy of the newest Badger, Kyle Dodson:

2012 Kyle Dodson - Cleveland Heights Jr yr -Offensive Line (via ScoutingOhio)