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Badger Bits: Russell Wilson to Wisconsin- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Is there a potential downside to Russell Wilson's possible transfer to Wisconsin?
Is there a potential downside to Russell Wilson's possible transfer to Wisconsin?

Needless to say, it's been a busy end of the week here at B5Q. With all of the Russell Wilson rumors it's easy to forget about some of the possible downsides to his potential transfer. However, ESPN's College Football Live explored some of the positives and negatives of Wilson taking up residence in Madison.

Essentially, the positives are that Wilson would add depth at Wisconsin's weakest position, and that he would diversify the Badger offense. But the ESPN guys raise a good point- college football isn't the NFL, where free agent signings are allowed (Unless you're the SEC- Zing!). And it's not hard to imagine a scenario where a one-year transfer player could mess up team chemistry.

I have feeling the Badgers would deal with a transfer player well, but it is a valid point to discuss. If Russell Wilson transfers to Wisconsin, are you concerned about team chemistry?

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Adam Rittenberg of the Big Ten blog wraps up Wilson's visit to Madison.

New Big Ten blogger Brian Bennett has a Thursday mailbag full of goodies. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)

Rittenberg reports that former Wisconsin head coach Barry Alvarez was named one of the coaches who elevated their program to new heights.

Bennett names Wisconsin running backs Montee Ball and James White as one of the best duos in the Big Ten.

Finally, Jeff Potrykus writes that Wisconsin point guard Jordan Taylor was invited to participate in the USA Basketball Men's World University Games Team training camp. (Or USABMWUGTTC for short.)

Have a great weekend everyone- remember to stay tuned to B5Q for news and rumors!