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Badger Bits: Tressel fallout continues; Should the NCAA have a 'death penalty' for coaches?

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Holy crap, it's June already. That means we have just over three months until college football makes another glorious return. Get excited. In the meantime, we still have some Tresselmania to cover, so let's dive right in.

Paul Newberry of thinks the NCAA should institute a 'death penalty' for coaches who violate its rules, similar to the 'death penalty' the NCAA used on SMU in the late '80s. Newberry suggests the NCAA ban coaches after two violations, and says the policy would stop coaches *cough*JohnCalipari*cough* from skipping around to new positions ahead of the investigations.

Hillary Lee of Off Tackle Empire and SB Nation Chicago looks at the fallout after a few major coaching changes (Wisconsin included!), and what it means for the future of the Ohio State football program. Granted, we haven't learned about the inevitable NCAA punishments, but it's interesting to see how some programs recover from coaching changes. 

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Our own Adam Hoge has his own take on the aftermath of Tressel's resignation.

Jon Franz of Off Tackle Empire shares his thoughts on the end of the Jim Tressel Era.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach has Wisconsin tied with Nebraska for the most positive momentum in the Big Ten. has a story on former Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas, and how the NFL lockout is keeping him closer to home

Phil Steele has five Badgers on the first team for his pre-season All-Big Ten rankings, according to Dave Heller of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The Badgers' five players lead the Big Ten, and they have eight more players on Steele's second, third, and fourth teams. 

Rush the Court has an excellent profile of former Wisconsin forward Jon Leuer, who is preparing for the NBA draft. 

Finally, announced that Michael Burcin has been picked to lead the Wisconsin men's golf team.