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Badger Bits: Wisconsin's growing reputation

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Morning everybody! Finals are in full swing here, so if you're studying like me, good luck! If you're out of college, think about not having to cram for an exam worth 40 percent of your grade, and how awesome that is.

Anyway, Tom Mulhern has an interesting article at Basically, he says the Badgers' recent success with producing NFL-draftees has given Wisconsin a lot of extra exposure, and that it's helping the Badgers in the recruiting world as well. The Badgers' five draft picks is the most since 2006, Bielema's first year as head coach. Also, Bielema was a panelist for the NFL network during the draft, where he gave his thoughts about some of the nation's best players.

All of the extra exposure should be a boon to the Badgers' recruiting strategy. Bielema told Mulhern a recruit has reached out to the team that they hadn't originally targeted, as a result of the Rose Bowl and the publicity surrounding the program. I'd imagine this won't be an isolated incident if Wisconsin continues to put unheralded players in the NFL and compete for Big Ten championships. 

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Take a look at USA Today's post-spring Big Ten notes. Need to stay up on the competition!

Tom Mulhern also writes that Scott Tolzien is losing out on time to master a new team's playbook.

Athlon Sports has a look at Wisconsin, and where they should be ranked heading into the 2011 season.

Wisconsin will be featured on ESPN's college football live this Tuesday, so set your DVRs!

The Badger Herald has named the UW Women's hockey team as its Team of the Year for winning the national championship. They also named Jordan Taylor as Wisconsin's Player of the Year.

Finally, the Daily Cardinal takes a look at the Top 5 Sports Moments from the past year.