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Badger Bits: Best site for a Big Ten championship game?

Should the Big Ten have its championship game at Soldier Field in Chicago?
Should the Big Ten have its championship game at Soldier Field in Chicago?

Hey everybody- the weekend is almost here! Hopefully these links will tide you over.

In his latest column, Tom Oates of assumes the role of "The Honorable Tom Oates," in order to decide once and for all where the Big Ten's championship game should be held. Oates quickly narrows the list down to two locales: Chicago, and Indianapolis. The inaugural championship game will be in Indianapolis, but the Big Ten is by no means determined to stay there.

Indianapolis' biggest rival is Chicago, at Soldier Field. Chicago has a few key advantages that Indianapolis doesn't: namely, the city is much bigger, easier to travel to for most Big Ten schools, and there's generally more to do in the Chicago area. Of course, the major drawbacks to Chicago are the weather (its cold) and the turf at Soldier field (it sucks.)

What do you think? Is it worth the longer drive to Indy for a guaranteed environment? Or are you willing to brave going in the snow uphill both ways to see the Badgers in a Big Ten championship game, elements be damned? Vote in the poll!

On to some more links:

Peter Konz was named to the Rimington Trophy watch list, according to The Rimington is given annually to the most outstanding center in the FBS.

Andy Baggot of writes that UW's Stanley Cup streak has ended.

Bo Ryan was able to comment on the newest members of the Badger basketball program, according to Rob Schultz of

Former Wisconsin forward Jon Leuer worked out for the Minnesota Timberwolves, according to KARE 11. I doubt Leuer goes to the T-Wolves though. For one thing, he's not a point guard. For another, it would make too much sense for a team managed by David Kahn.

Finally, shame on you if you're a college football fan and you haven't seen the latest South Park.