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Badger Bits: Who is Wisconsin's top NFL prospect?

Is Nick Toon the Badgers' top prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft?
Is Nick Toon the Badgers' top prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft?

Hey everybody, hope you all had a good weekend. Let's get to work.

I recently ran across an interesting article by Sayre Bedinger on Bedinger took a look at which Badgers could be drafted in the 2012 or 2013 NFL Draft. He lists wide receiver Nick Toon, running backs Montee Ball and James White, and offensive lineman Ricky Wagner as some of the top options on the Badger roster.

Bedinger thinks Toon needs a healthy, break out type of year for him to move into the middle rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, which is certainly within the realm of possibility. Toon will be Jon Budmayr's top option next year if he's on the field consistently, and will need to carry the load for a light Wisconsin receiving corps. If he takes this opportunity to heart, he could really improve his stock.

But is he the Badgers' top NFL prospect? Montee Ball and James White certainly have to potential if they don't take a step back, but right now I don't think either of them will declare for 2012. Vote in the poll!

SB Nation's excellent Cornhusker site Corn Nation takes a look at Nebraska's most important game in their inaugural Big Ten season. Their B1G opener against the Badgers certainly makes the list in my book.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports thinks the Big Ten should play its title game outdoors. The inaugural BTTG will be played indoors at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Take a look at Adam Rittenberg's Big Ten mailblog for the week on

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez wouldn't object to the Big Ten giving players a stipend in addition to their scholarship, according to Andy Baggot.

Baggot also writes that the Badgers are looking to reclaim their place at the top of Big Ten track and field.