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Badger Bits: Should the Big Ten pay players?

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Morning everyone, let's get the weekend started off right!

The Big Ten wrapped up its spring meetings this week, and an interesting issue cropped up. The Big Ten floated the idea of paying players to make up for the true cost of college, which is estimated to be about $3,000 per player. The extra money would pay for things not covered by a scholarship, such as transportation costs and clothing.

But is that a good idea? Tom Lea of doesn't think so. Lea expects schools to use the extra cash as a recruiting tool, which would develop into a pseudo-arms race in college athletics. Lee argues that paying student athletes would open Pandora's box, and further undermine the credibility of college athletics. I tend to agree with Lea -- the positives don't outweigh the negatives to me.

What do you think? Vote in the poll!

Tom Oates of thinks Zach Brown is making the right call to transfer away from Wisconsin.

Check out's feature on Jon Leuer, and how he is preparing for the NBA draft.

Speaking of Leuer, ESPN analyst Len Elmore thinks he could be a potential first round pick, according to Dave Heller.

The Badgers did not receive a night game on the Big Ten Network, so they will still have four night games in 2011.

Tom Mulhern writes that there is still a divide between B1G coaches and ADs over a nine-game conference schedule.