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Badger Bits: Clay, Tolzien left in limbo

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I swear I had an interesting lead-in for Badger Bits today, but it's long gone now. I'd just like to take this time to thank U.S. service members around the world for finally bringing us some closure after ten long years. Remember where you were when you heard the news last night, because I sure will. Fear not, I'll move back to sports now. Let's move on to Badger Bits!

The NFL Draft concluded over the weekend, and several Badgers went undrafted, notably running back John Clay and quarterback Scott Tolzien. The NFL is back in lockout mode now after a brief interruption, so undrafted free agents like Clay and Tolzien must wait for a new collective bargaining agreement to take place before they can sign with a professional team. 

My gut feeling is that several former Badgers sign pro contracts with other teams, as I can see a lot of teams looking for serviceable backups with histories of success. 

More Badger Bits after the jump! takes a look at J.J. Watt and Gabe Carimi, both of whom were drafted in the first round last Thursday.

 Tom Mulhern writes that Watt and Carimi make quite the dynamic first round duo to represent the Badgers. 

Mulhern also writes that Lance Kendricks is quite the catch for the St. Louis Rams.

Interesting note: it looks like UW Women's hockey coach Mark Johnson turned down the Penn State men's job to remain in Madison. Johnson has also received an extension from  Athletic Director Barry Alvarez.

Mulhern writes that the Houston Texans view Watt as more than just "ok."

Nebraska lost it's AAU membership recently, which is a little bit of an embarrassment for the Huskers. I can't see it affecting their transition into the Big Ten, but NU will become the first non-AAU member in the Big Ten.