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Badger Bits: Toon could be key in 2011

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend -- and a belated congratulations to any of our readers who graduated this weekend! 

Daniel Wolf at National Football Authority takes a look at Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon, and how his play could affect the Badgers in their hunt for a second consecutive Big Ten title. Toon has been battling numerous injuries over the last year, and a strong senior season would be great for Jon Budmayr (Or Russell Wilson, for that matter.)

Speaking of Wilson, the national media has started to pick up on the possibility of him joining the Badgers for the 2011 season. For a great discussion about the pros and cons of Wilson joining the Badgers, make sure to check out Adam's post from last week! Trust me, this is a story we'll be keeping tabs on for a while.

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Just if you're curious, check out all of the Big Ten prime time games scheduled for this upcoming season.

It looks like the coaching change helped out the Wisconsin women's softball team this year -- they had their best season since 2005. The Badgers finished with a 30-23 record, good enough for sixth in the Big Ten. 

Bret Bielema spoke with the Marshfield News-Herald about how local athletes have found success at Wisconsin.

After blowing a 3-0 lead to the Detroit Red Wings before winning Game 7, former Badgers Joe Pavelski and Danny Heatley are in the NHL's final four. However if they want to play for the Stanley Cup, they'll need to beat the Vancouver Canucks, who hold a 1-0 series lead after last night.