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Badger Bits: Friday NFL Draft Rumors

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Well, that was more than a little crazy. Congratulations are also in order to J.J. Watt and Gabe Carimi, who were selected by the Houstan Texans and the Chicago Bears, respectively. I'm sure both of them will make Badger fans proud. The 2011 NFL Draft rolls along tonight with rounds two and three, so let's keep going with some rumors and speculation!

Badger fans' attention will shift now to Lance Kendricks and John Moffitt, both of whom are likely to be taken today. has an updated mock draft after the first round, and it has the Dallas Cowboys once again taking Moffitt. I suppose that wouldn't surprise me, given that the Cowboys need to protect Tony Romo from breaking any more bones. In my experience, it's not a winning strategy.

Surprisingly (at least to me), Drafttek has Kendricks falling to Carolina Panthers in the fifth round. I think that would make sense for Carolina if Kendricks is there- its usually good to pair a rookie quarterback with a tight end as a kind of security blanket. I'm just not sure Kendricks will be available in the fifth round.

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Rich Stewart of Upon Further Review thinks Moffitt may be a target of the Kansas City Chiefs in the later rounds.

Buffalo Rumblings takes a look at Kendricks as a possible draft target for the Buffalo Bills. Again, if the Bills take Kendricks today, I'm willing to bet they've taken a quarterback in round two.

Jim Polzin of has a good review of the Badgers' draft prospects, all the way down to Kyle Jefferson and Isaac Anderson.

Saying John Clay doesn't have a lot of momentum heading into the last few rounds would probably be an understatement. It looks like Clay may have been better off in school, but would he have gotten enough carries to make much of an impact?

The newest member of the Houston Texans has a few awesome quotes from after the first round last night.