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Badger Bits: Welcome to the Taylor show

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To me, it seems like eventually a player reaches a point where there isn't anything new to say about him. Wisconsin point guard Jordan Taylor reached that point last night. Taylor scored a career-high 39 points last night against Indiana, according to Rob Schultz of

Seriously, it looked like Taylor could do no wrong last night (video hat tip to O'BrienSchofield from last night's game thread. Shot after shot found the hoop, and it didn't matter how well the Hoosiers guarded him. As a side note, can anyone explain to me why the Cousy Award's website still doesn't list Taylor as a finalist? Taylor was added to the shortlist as the 11th finalist just a few weeks ago, but their website hasn't been updated to reflect that.

This is a serious mistake on the part of the Cousy Award. Not only did Taylor deserve the recognition in the first place, and not as an after-thought, but he certainly deserves to be on the website. Fans are allowed to vote at, but Taylor is still not listed as an option.

The Cousy Award needs to get its act together. Every day that Taylor is snubbed on the website, the Cousy Award loses credibility. And with every game that goes by, Taylor seems to improve his case to be one of the best players in the nation.

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Big news on the basketball recruiting front last night: Menomonee Falls guard J.P. Tokoto committed to North Carolina last night. The Badgers made his shortlist, but in the end Tokoto decided to be a Tar Heel.

Ted Glover from Off Tackle Empire wrote an introductory letter to Nebraska, welcoming them to the Big Ten.

Graham Filler from OTE wants to know what your plans are for the NCAA Tourney. And not in a creepy way. I think.

Wisconsin senior Brett Valentyn will be featured on the Big Ten Network's series The Journey.

Chuck Schwartz of Sixty Minutes. has his preview up for this weekend's series with Colorado College.

Finally, if you want to support former UW goalie Kirk Daubenspeck, you can buy a t-shirt at the Kohl Center. All proceeds go to Dauber's medical costs.

Have a great weekend everyone!