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Badger Bits: Is JJ Watt a Top 10 Pick?

The NFL scouting combine kicks off today, where potential NFL-draftees will go through several psychological and physical tests. Former Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt will report to Indianapolis this Friday, and his draft stock has never been higher. He was recently profiled on ESPN's Sportscenter, and draft analysts like Mel Kiper are starting to talk about Watt as a potential Top 10 pick.

But will Watt actually be a Top 10 pick when the NFL draft rolls around on April 28th? So far, Watt has been pegged as a potential mid-to-late first round pick, including some draft simulations from Draft Tek. According to Extra Point Football, Watt is an option for many NFL teams, based on his versatility. Watt has good speed for a defensive end of his size, and he could fit well in either a 4-3 or a 3-4 defensive scheme.

What do you think? Will Watt be a Top 10 pick? Or somewhere else? Be sure to vote in the poll!

Hop on over to Off Tackle Empire and think to yourself: would you rather have one college football Saturday, or days one and two of the NCAA tournament?

ESPN's Pac-12 (Note: Wow that feels weird to say) blogger Ted Miller has an interesting post about the most explosive college football teams in 2010. Just in case you were wondering: No, the Badgers are not in the Top 10. The fact that they were still 5th in the nation for total offense says to me that "explosive" doesn't necessarily mean "good."

In case you missed it: The Badgers fell to No. 12 in both the AP and Coaches polls on Monday, after losing to Purdue.

Andy Baggot writes that the worst has brought out the best in some former UW men's hockey teammates.

Chuck Schwartz of Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets. has his updated NCAA men's hockey bracketology posted.

Baggot also writes that a stale lineup for the men's hockey team prompted head coach Mike Eaves to make some changes.

That's all for me today- see you all on Friday!