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Badger Bits: Taylor's game one for the history books

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Hey all. I seem to be having some kind of Deja Vu- Did the Badgers just beat a No. 1 ranked Ohio State team again? This seems eerily familiar to me... Oh well. On to the links!

Tom Oates of thinks that Wisconsin point guard Jordan Taylor's stunning performance against Ohio State is one for the ages. I can't help but agree. During Wisconsin's 30-8 run in the second half, Taylor had a hand in 28 of those points. If that doesn't convince you that Taylor belongs in the conversation for the best point guard in the nation, then I don't know what will. Oates has a quote from Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan following the game:

"I don't think there's too many players in the country that have ever done (that) — not just this year but at any time — against the No. 1 team in the country," Ryan said. "And they earned the No. 1. It isn't early in the season. It's not November or December. Ohio State worked their way to that spot and they're a very good team."

Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also gives his take on the "spitting incident," and a few other tidbits. Just to summarize, OSU's Jared Sullinger tweeted after the game that he was spat on by Wisconsin fans before and after Saturday's game.

More Badger Bits after the jump!

Dave Heller of the MJS takes a look at the power of Twitter in athlete's lives, and how the UW-OSU rivalry is reheating. 

Rob Schultz of wrote a piece about how Jon Leuer is enjoying his final year at Wisconsin.

Former UW men's basketball coach John Erickson was the honorary captain for Saturday's game. Erickson was the only other coach coming into Saturday that had beaten a No. 1 ranked team. You'll never guess who it was...

Rob Schultz has his recap of the Badgers' 71-67 win over the Buckeyes up on the website. The Badgers will travel to West Lafayette this Wednesday to take on the Purdue Boilermakers. has it's own recap of the upset posted, including one or two cool videos.

What? There was hockey this weekend? Well, if you were like me and forgot, you didn't miss anything. The Badger men were swept by the University of Nebraska-Omaha over the weekend, according to Andy Baggot.

Don't despair, though. Today marks the beginning of "Minnesota Sucks" week, according to Chuck Schultz. The Badger men will take on the Gophers Friday and Saturday night this weekend. I'm more than willing to keep the festivities going with this awesome picture.

Have a great day!