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Badger Bits: Wisconsin back in the Rose Bowl, somehow

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Jeff Duckworth came up with one of the plays of the year, catching a fourth-down bomb from Russell Wilson to set up a Badger touchdown.
Jeff Duckworth came up with one of the plays of the year, catching a fourth-down bomb from Russell Wilson to set up a Badger touchdown.

I'm not really sure what to say. I'm not sure what really needs to be said that hasn't been as you'll see from the avalanche of links that follow. Did the Badgers deserve to win? Probably not. Does that make me feel any remorse about the win? Absolutely not.

I watched the game with about eight other Badger fans. All of them wanted to know who the hell is Jeff Duckworth. He is a 6-1, 215-pound sophomore wideout from Cincinnati with 15 catches on the year, and judging from Google images he is probably bored by you. He also somehow came up with one of the plays of the year, catching a 36-yard fourth down bomb from Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter, setting up a Montee Ball touchdown run. Duckworth fought off Isaiah Lewis for the catch, and it nearly killed Gus Johnson.

Wisconsin has a lot of work to do if they hope to keep up with the Oregon Ducks on Jan. 2. The defense looked passive and flat-footed and kick coverage is still beyond maddening. But whatever man. We're going to the Rose Bowl, and the rest is gravy.

Monday's Links:

More on the duck to Duckworth, and Aaron Henry is immodest so Montee doesn't have to be:

"Can I answer that question for him?" [Henry] asked. "Montee is a modest young man, you can see. We faced one of the best run defenses in the country. For him to have the performance he had tonight, I thought it was stellar.

"He is a Heisman candidate no matter how you look at it. For him to be - I mean, he should be going there. I don't know if he should win it or not. We've got some great finalists, but this guy's one of the best backs in the country, hands down."

Chris Borland gets his Rose Bowl, and Ron Dayne talks about how he almost became a Spartan.

Michigan State has apparently become our archnemesis.

A look ahead: Oregon is fast, yo.

Sparty gets hosed on the bowl game, heading to the Outback to face Georgia.

Jeff Potrykus provides another fully thorough recap for those who want to do some more reliving. Here are his thoughts immediately following the game.

Tom Mulhern with an obligatory "the world didn't see it coming" write-up.

Inaugural B1G Championship Game proves popular.

Game awards gives props to the other other play of the game, Conor O'Neill's forced fumble on a Nick Hill kickoff return in the first quarter, leading to the Badgers' third touchdown of the game.

Badgers Roundtable admonishes the defense, praises the offense, doesn't cower too much at Oregon.

The B1G somehow sends 10 teams to bowls despite having the most mediocre season ever.

Oregon and Wisconsin will meet with bowl-game monkeys to get off their back.

Celebration video, photos, and Russell Wilson.

Paul Chryst is ready to move on and take a head coaching gig. No shortage of job openings this season.

Holly Anderson at SI has been all over the Montee Ball for Heisman push.

Matt Hinton hands out superlatives, says Brad Nortman dove like a submarine.

Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett were working their butts off Saturday night if the time stamp on their posts are any indication. Check out video of Bret Bielema, Chris Borland and Aaron Henry. Also, Badgers take the scenic route to the title and Brad Nortman admits to a little bit of acting.

Well I guess we should acknowledge that there was a rather big basketball game on Saturday. Marquette loss recap from the State Journal. By the numbers. Catching up with Vander Blue.