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NCAA Hits Ohio State With Bowl Ban, Other Sanctions

The NCAA finally handed down their sanctions for Ohio State's tattoo-gate scandal, and it's a little worse than the Buckeyes were expecting. A one-year ban on post-season play, a loss of nine total scholarships over three years, an extra year of probation, and former head coach Jim Tressel was hit with a "show-cause" penalty.

The bowl ban will also prevent the Buckeyes from playing in the 2012 Big Ten Championship game, giving the Badgers almost no excuse not to return to Indianapolis next year; especially if a veteran quarterback like Dayne Crist transfers in. Ohio State is banned, Penn State is in shambles, and the Badgers' biggest competition will come from Purdue and Illinois.

How do you feel about the sanctions? Too harsh? Too lenient? Or maybe just right? Is the Leaders Division the Badgers' to lose next year?