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Badgers Bits: Gushing about Montee Ball because, seriously, he deserves it

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Montee Ball didn't win the Heisman this past weekend, playing third runner-up while Robert Griffin III took home the trophy. A late-starting campaign put Ball behind the curve, not to mention facing one of the most stacked Heisman classes in years. Individual awards don't matter, true, but it is disappointing that a man who became one of the best players in the country through sheer force of will--after contemplating a switch to linebacker post Ohio State 2010--isn't being heralded via Greek chorus like Badger fans know he should.

Still, Ball made people notice. He didn't cash in after the win over OSU, he waited for the first glimmer of opportunity and then refused to let go. Disappointed in a 132-yard performance against TCU, he lost 26 pounds in the offseason, adding an extra gear and a deadly shimmy that has resulted in countless inadvertent Heisman poses throughout the season. He spearheaded college football's fourth-highest scoring offense and did so while managing to say exactly the right thing, and credit all the right people, at every available opportunity.

It is exceedingly difficult to argue with what RG III accomplished this season, and by all accounts he is a fine fellow himself. My objective side knows that what he did to make Baylor relevant deserves all the recognition in the world. The unabashed partisan in me would just like to remind you all, again, that Ball is about to break a record that may not be touched for a long, long time. That record will do nicely as a consolation prize, and if all goes well a win over Oregon too. For now, Ball will simply have to do with being tweeted at by Barry Sanders.

I mean, Barry Sanders, for God's sake.

BarrySandersBarry Sanders
M_Ball28Montee Ball
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@M_Ball28 - I hope the record breaker is also the game winner... Records are great - bowl wins are better! Will be pulling for you.
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Outside of an 0-for-10 performance from Jordan Taylor.

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