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Badger Bits: Twelve games in, and the Badgers are still a mystery

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Montee Ball ran all over Penn State on Saturday, setting up a rematch with Michigan State in the B1G Championship Game.
Montee Ball ran all over Penn State on Saturday, setting up a rematch with Michigan State in the B1G Championship Game.

At 10-2, Wisconsin is undoubtedly a good football team. "Good" is a term subject to degrees and interpretations, however. Going 6-6 and making the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl is a good thing for some. So are national championships. I'm babying the subject, but it's worth pointing out that the Badgers don't really satisfy either ends of the "good" spectrum, finding themselves somewhere between obscurely sponsored postseason events and that special subset of teams that some dare to call "legendary." 

We are twelve games into the season and Wisconsin still doesn't know its place. That's partly the fault of the Big Ten for failing to provide a litmus test that didn't have a death star-like weak point. The Badgers' two best wins were against a Nebraska squad that melted down against Northwestern and Michigan, and a Penn State team still on the down slope of an emotional rollercoaster. The Badgers failed their only other two major tests, but those games featured too many unfortunate bounces to produce reliable data points. 

Saturday's rematch with Michigan State in Indianapolis is the closest thing you may ever see to a controlled test environment in college football. For one, the game is at a neutral site, which should hopefully shed some light on a team that has looked completely different at home versus away. For two, the Badgers will face a team that is legitimately one of the league's best, one that doesn't come with a self destruct function when things go wrong.

Most importantly, Saturday's rematch is another trial where more are needed. Wisconsin lost last time they faced the Spartans, but it didn't really feel like the Badgers were the worse team that day. They weren't really the better team, either. Mostly everyone was confused as to what to make of the game, which is the right reaction when a Hail Mary is involved. After Saturday the Badgers should, hopefully, have closure, not only for that game but for the season. For now, this team feels like an electron in a cloud, all at once able to satisfy a million different outcomes.

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"They both feed off one another. If anybody can argue with that, I'd love to hear it. They just are so, so complete and such great kids to be around."

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Wrapping up: Proud to Be a Penn Stater is a grassroots alumni movement that has teamed up with to raise money for victims and survivors of sexual abuse. The movement has been wildly successful, raising nearly $500,000 so far. They are looking for even more support in the continued wake of the university's shocking sex scandal.