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Week 7 BlogPoll Top 25: How B5Q Voted

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Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where in about 48 hours I will be in the middle of a hurricane. Enjoy the 80s in Wisconsin.

Despite being out of the country, I was able to watch a lot of football Saturday. Here's my Week 7 BlogPoll Top 25 ballot with explanations to follow:


No. 9 Oregon Ducks - Oregon got lucky as it looks like LaMichael James' dislocated elbow won't be that big of problem. Wisconsin fans just saw Pat Muldoon return from a similar injury in just a couple weeks. Still, James will miss a couple games and without him, the Ducks aren't as good. Thus, they fall in my rankings for now.

No. 11 Michigan Wolverines - Northwestern is obviously underachieving this season, but it still not easy to get a road win in Evanston, especially at night. The Wolverines proved a lot this week and solidified a high ranking that was largely handed to them last week by default.

No. 21 Kansas State - When the Wildcats beat Baylor last week I wasn't sure if it meant both teams were bad or that both teams were good. After a week to evaluate it, I think both teams deserve to be ranked.

No. 24 Texas Longhorns - My fears about Texas were realized Saturday when Oklahoma blitzed them at the Cotton Bowl. This a decent, but not great team.

No. 25 Notre Dame Fighting Irish - They're back. At least back in my rankings. The team I had way overrated at the beginning of the season is starting to play better. The Irish still aren't a great team, but they're worthy of sneaking back into the rankings.