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Week 6 BlogPoll Top 25: How B5Q Voted

It was certainly a crazy week in the BlogPoll Top 25. The top five is almost impossible to call. And outside the top nine, almost every team is interchangeable.

Here's my Week 6 ballot with explanations following:

Top five: I really struggled with my top five. I like Boise State A LOT, which is why I've had them at No. 2 for so many weeks, but Alabama, Oklahoma and Wisconsin just look so damn good. I honestly believe the Badgers could give both Alabama and Oklahoma a great game, but for now, they're staying behind both teams. LSU still the best team in the country in my eyes.

No. 9 Clemson: Last week I probably would have said there are eight teams head and shoulders above the rest, but Clemson is proving they are worthy of some national title talk. Now comes the classic letdown...

No. 10 Texas: How big is the separation between the top nine and the rest of the country? The Longhorns pretty much the No. 10 team by default after so many teams lost ahead of them. WIsconsin fans would love for Texas to prove they are for real with a win over Oklahoma this weekend.

No. 12 Michigan: The Wolverines are No. 12 by default. I think they're good and I like what Brady Hoke is doing, but it seems weird to have that "12" next to their name.

No. 21 Michigan State: I still think the Spartans could be really good if they get their offense going. They have a bye week to work on that before back-to-back home games against Michigan and Wisconsin.