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MSU's Gholston suspended for Saturday's game

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Michigan State will be without defensive end William Gholston Saturday night after the Big Ten suspended him one game for his actions in last Saturday's win over Michigan.

By now you probably know that he was caught on camera punching Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan and twisting the helmet of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson while laying him.

I'm not sure how anyone look at this video and not think he should be suspended. Honestly, he's lucky he didn't get two games -- one for each unsportsmanlike action. For the record, Michigan State had the opportunity to suspend him and didn't. Once it fell into the hands of the Big Ten, the conference took action.

As for how it will affect the game, the Spartans have depth at the position, but there's no doubt Gholston is a playmaker. Let's say this: It certainly won't help Michigan State's cause.