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Week 8 BlogPoll Top 25: How B5Q Voted

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It's a somewhat boring week in the BlogPoll Top 25 as my top ten teams all stay the same. Here's my ballot with explanations to follow:

No. 13 Michigan State - Let's start with Wisconsin's opponent this weekend. No, I didn't move the Spartans up five spots just to boost UW's computer numbers (this may shock you, but my ballot doesn't factor into the BCS). Michigan State got a tough win against Michigan Saturday and is starting to look like the team I thought it was at the beginning of the season.

No. 15 Michigan - I feel like I should have moved the Wolverines down further, but I can't convince myself that Kansas State, West Virginia or South Carolina are better teams.

No. 16 Kansas State - The Wildcats got a tough road win at Texas Tech Saturday and benefit from losses by some of the middle teams. It was time to move them up.

No. 22 Georgia - The Bulldogs haven't really beat anyone good yet, but their two losses (Boise State and South Carolina) are respectable. They look like a top 25 team right now.

Georgia Tech - Got a lot of questions the last few weeks about why I didn't have the Yellow Jackets ranked higher. Their loss to Virginia says it all.