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Fifth Quarter Consensus: Badger steamroll Hoosiers (again)

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Russell Wilson is likely to put up big numbers against Indiana on Homecoming Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium.
Russell Wilson is likely to put up big numbers against Indiana on Homecoming Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium.

The Predictions:

Jake Harris (+78): Wisconsin 70, Indiana 3

Adam Hoge (+86): Wisconsin 55, Indiana 10

Sam Zastrow (+90): Wisconsin 59, Indiana 6

Louis Bien (+91): Wisconsin 58, Indiana 13

John Veldhuis (+94): Wisconsin 56, Indiana 10

Chuck Schwartz (+98): Wisconsin 59, Indiana 10

Phil Mitten (+112): Wisconsin 62, Indiana 14

Adam Tupitza (+114): Wisconsin 52, Indiana 16

The Reasoning:

You know how you can tell when the football team you're a fan of is relatively problem-free? When the biggest source of consternation the week of the Homecoming game is whether a traditional, profanity-laced chant that is popular in the stadium's student section should be discontinued.

Such is life for the Wisconsin Badgers (5-0, 1-0 Big Ten), who essentially have been blessed with two consecutive bye weeks with the arrival of the Indiana Hoosiers (1-5, 0-2), who are dead last in the conference's Leaders Division.


While Indiana is very bad, new head coach Kevin Wilson at least has had them playing somewhat competitively in recent weeks. The Hoosiers lost by just six points to Penn State and actually held an early lead over undefeated Illinois last week. This year's Indiana team does not seem likely to just give up the way last year's did, allowing transfer quarterback Nate Tice to score on a naked bootleg in the second half on the way to 83 points for Wisconsin.

Edward Wright-Baker will return at quarterback for the Hoosiers. He missed the last two games with an ankle injury, but he threw for 925 yards and four touchdowns in the previous four games. Indiana has yet to get the ground game going, in large part because of a shaky offensive line. Stephen Houston is the team's leading rusher with just 219 yards.

Defensively, the Hoosiers are in for a long day. Defenses with significantly more talent have been unable to stop Russell Wilson, Montee Ball and the Wisconsin offense. The Badgers average 48.4 points per game and, while a lot of things have to go right for a team to put up 83 as UW did against IU a year ago, 60 or 70 is not out of the question. The Hoosiers give up 210 rushing yards per game and are second-to-last in the Big Ten in sacks per game. Wilson might not take a hit all game, and he likely will not have to play the fourth quarter.

Who has the edge?

Offense: Wisconsin

Defense: Wisconsin

Special Teams: Wisconsin

Coaching: Wisconsin

Intangibles: Wisconsin

Fun Facts

Wisconsin is the only FBS team to average at least 240 rushing yards and 240 passing yards this season.

Indiana has lost 10 of its last 12 games.