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Badger Bits: It's okay to embrace Russell Wilson

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I didn't think this needed to be written, but then Andy Baggot brought up a good point. To what extent can we embrace Russell Wilson? He is a man with no past and no future at the University of Wisconsin. We will all miss out on one of the singular thrills of college football, of being able to watch a quarterback develop from a saucer-eyed freshman to a Heisman-caliber senior and that is truly too bad. Then there's knowing that most of what Wilson can do was cultivated at a different school, under another coaching staff, and that all Wisconsin did was pick the fruit from a ripe vine.

I thought Ivan Maisel's article calling Wilson a "rent-a-player" last week was misguided, but I also understand where the sentiment came from. We watch college football over the professional version in large part to avoid seeing our favorite players ditch town chasing a better deal. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson directly fly in the face of that ideal. Still, you no doubt felt a little queasy seeing the two players paired together in the same sentence. That gut feeling is good.

Wilson is different and it has every bit to do with how he has embraced everything--the team, the school, the city, and most importantly, his coaches and teammates--on a personal level. I understand why there is uneasiness, but I can't understand it after finding out what there is to know about the man. How he essentially wrote and conducted his father's funeral. How he earned enough respect in just two short months to be elected captain of a team he had just gotten to know. At the time, Wilson said he would have stayed at NC State if coach Tom O'Brien had asked him to. Now he is the embodiment of what is one of the hardest working Badger teams anyone has ever seen.   

Wilson is one of the best athletes to ever come through the program, but he is also, by unanimous account, a man of impeccable character. You should root for him for that reason, if you won't for any other. It is too bad that we couldn't see Wilson develop over the years, but he has earned every right to be a part of Wisconsin lore. 


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