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Fresh Off Bye, Badgers Focused on Indiana

MADISON, Wis. - The Badgers' last victory over Indiana, an 83-20 shellacking in Madison, was less than a year ago. But to the Wisconsin offensive players, the game might as well be ancient history. Center Peter Konz knows the Hoosiers might use last year's game as motivation, but the Badgers can't get caught up in last year's romp.

"If anything, it's going to make them play harder against us," Konz said. "It doesn't do anything for us. Last year is over. We've gotta make sure we're ready for these guys cause they'll be coming at us."

Even with a new head coach, the Hoosiers aren't forgetting last year's game. Kevin Wilson, who took over for Bill Lynch this year as head coach, has reportedly posted last year's score prominently in the Indiana locker room.

Running back Montee Ball also said the Badgers need to take care of their own business, instead of getting stuck on how the Hoosiers might be looking for revenge. 

"I'm sure [the new coaching staff] has been beating it into their heads what happened last year," Ball said. "So it's really going to motivate them, and we have to make sure we on our ‘P's' and ‘Q's.'"

News and Notes

-- Tight end Jacob Pedersen told me the coaches put up signs saying "ignore the noise," presumably to help deal with the extra attention the team has received so far this season. 

"Its telling people to stay humble," Pedersen said. "You've got people now going ‘Oh hey great job,' but we have to stay humble and stay hungry. Any team on our schedule can beat us if we don't execute. 

-- Ball mentioned his performance in last year's Rose Bowl spurred him to change his body type for this season. Ball felt he was too top-heavy last year, and slimmed down in the offseason to become more elusive.

"I felt like there were a lot of shoestring tackles in that game," Ball said. "If those tackles didn't happen it would've been a huge difference in that game."

-- In his weekly press conference Bret Bielema mentioned he had meetings with Konz and Ball recently, so he could fill them in on their options if they decide to leave for the NFL after their junior seasons. Ball said the meeting was productive, and gave him a better idea of how to make a decision at the end of the year.

"The big message was to just keep playing football, because all the pieces will fall where they need to," Ball said. He also mentioned a few agents have tried to contact him over Facebook, but he deflects them over to his parents.

"I learned a lot [in the meeting] about how things work at that level, and what you can and cannot do, but like I said I'm just really focusing on practicing hard and playing hard."


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