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Badger Bits: Wisconsin keeps defenses on heels with balance

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This is a scary offensive machine the Badgers have in Madison this year. Paul Chryst's offense has averaged 48.4 points per game, good for third in the nation. But how? Unlike most of the teams surrounding Wisconsin in the PPG ranking, the Badgers don't run a flashy spread option attack or air raid assault. It's still a powerful running game and a boring pro-style passing attack, always staples of the Big Ten Conference and Wisconsin Football. Even a little kid playing the NCAA Football video game on his Xbox knows the intricacies of a pro-style offense; it's not rocket science. How the hell is Wisconsin having so much success with an offense that should in theory be easy to game-plan for? Clearly, the Badgers are taking a common football strategy and executing it better than anyone else in the country.

You can't game-plan against getting manhandled up front by the Wisconsin offensive line. You can't game-plan against your defenders getting worn down and tired at the end of football games. The running threats of Montee Ball and James White are giving Russell Wilson some of the easiest coverages he's ever thrown against as a collegiate football player. In return, Wilson is opening up extra running lanes for the two backs. Russell's ever-present ability to scramble for the first down puts extra doubt in defenders' minds. And the Badger play-action is incredibly deadly. Paul Chryst's brilliant offensive mind leads to cool plays like shovel passes and tight end screens. Maybe Wisconsin has yet to play an elite defense this season, but right now, this offense sure looks like a work of gridiron art.

Little light on the links today, there's just not much to talk about as the Badgers prepare to take on a team they scored 83 points against a season ago...

Andy Baggot wishes we could have witnessed Russell Wilson's ascent to the player he is today. Alas, Russell was in Raleigh and not Madison.

Bielema always uses the bye week to talk to juniors who have a chance to declare early for the NFL Draft. This year, he chatted with Peter Konz and Montee Ball.

Wisconsin is cleaning up in the Power Rankings, though Nick Toon did fall out of the top 25 receivers because of the bye week.

Ivan Maisel of talks with Bielema about his coaching roots and Russell.

Bielema says he has seen marked improvement in Indiana over the course of this season.

That's all for the links. The Badgers are chasing a dream of New Orleans: