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Are Chryst and Bostad gone?

As if there weren't already cloudy skies hanging over the Badger football program after losing 21-19 to TCU in the Rose Bowl, more storms are on the horizon as key pieces of the 2010 team ponder other opportunities in football.

Losing J.J. Watt to the NFL remains a distinct possibility, but of greater concern -- at least today -- are the rumors that offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and offensive line coach Bob Bostad are headed to the Texas Longhorns to take the same positions.

Chryst reportedly interviewed with the Longhorns Monday and at least according to this internet report, Chryst and Bostad were hired Monday night by Texas.

No official announcement has been made by either Texas or Wisconsin, but if these rumors are true, it would be a huge blow for the Badgers. Chryst has revolutionized an offense at Wisconsin that averaged 43.3 points per game this season. He has a knack for getting the best out of his quarterbacks and with a new quarterback taking over the offense in 2011, keeping Chryst around should be the No. 1 priority.

The problem is that the Badgers likely can't match the money. Texas could offer Chryst up to $1 million.

Losing Bostad would be a big blow as well. It's one thing to recruit big offensive linemen at Wisconsin, but Bostad has turned them into athletic monsters, while also finding the right combinations on the line to maximize the unit's performance.

Tuesday is a crucial day for the Badger football program. Cross your fingers.