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Consolation Prize: Hosting Nebraska's Big Ten debut

So the divisions came out exactly as was reported earlier today:

Division 1: Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Northwestern.

Division 2: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana and Illinois.

I wrote about my not so happy thoughts on the divisions earlier, so now we turn our attention to the 2011 and 2012 Big Ten schedules which were also released Wednesday:

10/1 - Nebraska
10/15 - Indiana
10/22 - at Michigan State
10/29 - at Ohio State
11/5 - Purdue
11/12 - at Minnesota
11/19 - at Illinois
11/26 - Penn State

Consider it a consolation prize for having Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska placed in the other division, but Wisconsin will get to host Nebraska in its Big Ten debut. It makes a lot of sense with Barry Alvarez's ties to the university and his work in getting the Cornhuskers into the Big Ten.

But now we get to the bad part: Iowa is missing from the schedule. The Hawkeyes are gone for at least two years. Also missing are Michigan and Northwestern.

There could be one change to the schedule. Wisconsin and Illinois had already moved their 2011 game to December. Now it is listed for Nov. 19. I'm not sure why it couldn't stay in December, but maybe they will move it back. (Update: Pretty big brain fart there. Obviously it can't be in December because that's when the conference championship game will be played. Duh.)

9/29 - at Nebraska
10/6 - Illinois
10/13 - at Purdue
10/20 - Minnesota
10/27 - Michigan State
11/10 - at Indiana
11/17 - Ohio State
11/24 - at Penn State

This schedule doesn't do Wisconsin any favors. Going to Nebraska won't be easy and we all know how the Badgers usually fare at Penn State. Finishing with Ohio State and Penn State is brutal.

Once again, Iowa, Michigan and Northwestern are off the schedule.

So I ask you, what are your impressions on the schedule and immediate reaction to divisions?