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Ten Questions for Fall Camp

So your Wisconsin Badgers are ranked No. 12 in the nation and they appear to be headed toward a special season. But come on, you're a Badger fan. You know better. Fall Camp opens Monday with a 2:35 practice at Camp Randall Stadium and there are a lot of things that need to be fixed/tweaked/decided in the next four weeks before UW heads to Las Vegas.

Here, very simply, are 10 questions that must be answered before Sept. 4:

1) Who will be starting at defensive tackle Week 1 at UNLV?

2) How quickly can Curt Phillips recover and help the quarterback depth?

3) John Clay gained 10 pounds after two offseason ankle surgeris. Can he lose the weight before the first game?

4) Is Josh Oglesby ready to be a legitimate Big Ten offensive tackle?

5) Are the cornerbacks really as improved as everyone says/thinks they are?

6) Are Mike Taylor and Chris Borland 100 percent healthy?

7) Is Aaron Henry ready to go at free safety or will Conor O'Neill surpass him on the depth chart before the season opener?

8) Can Louis Nzegwu secure the other defensive end spot or will David Gilbert push him for the starting spot?

9) Peter Konz is back and healthy. Will he be the starting center and how will the rest of the deep and versatile offensive line look on Week 1's depth chart?

10) Who is "next" at tight end? Lance Kendricks is No. 1 this season, but UW always operates with two tight ends. Is Jake Byrne that guy?

Obviously these aren't all the questions we hope to see answered in the next four weeks. What are some of your pressing questions?