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Notes from Bielema's Monday Press Conference

Bret Bielema's first Monday press conference of the season was earlier this afternoon and I just wanted to drop in some of the key notes as the depth chart was released today:

  • Linebacker Mike Taylor will make the trip to UNLV, but a decision on whether or not he will play will be made later in the week. Bielema said he was running late last week and will continue to do so today. If Taylor can't play, senior Blake Sorensen will get the nod.
  • Despite a report last week that freshman James White would be the No. 1 punt and kick returner, senior David Gilreath is still No. 1 at both spots. White is the No. 2 punt returner and Nick Toon is the No. 2 kick returner. With Toon and Gilreath listed as the starting wide receivers, it seems to make sense for White to take over the returning duties, but for now that is not the case. It also seems like a gamble to have Toon -- the team's best receiver -- on kick return duties.
  • White is listed as the team's No. 3 running back behind John Clay and Montee Ball and Bielema said that "all three of those running backs are going to play and they are going to play a lot." So what about senior Zach Brown? Bielema said Brown will redshirt the 2010 season, which will provide the Badgers with some insurance should Clay go to the NFL next year.
  • Linebacker Culmer St. Jean is back and 100 percent healthy. He will start at middle linebacker Saturday.
  • Bill Nagy and Kevin Zeitler are both back and healthy enough to play. They are still battling for the starting nod at right guard.
  • Jordan Kohout and Patrick Butrym will start at defensive tackle Saturday while a decision has to be made betwen Louis Nzegwu and David Gilbert at the defensive end position opposite of J.J. Watt.

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