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Vote now for UW's nominees in the SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame!

Earlier this week our good friend Kyle Lobner from Brew Crew Ball announced the debut of a new joint project among the SBN Wisconsin sites: The SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame. For the first time ever, the five Wisconsin SBN sites are coming together to allow you to vote on the greatest sports figures in the history of the state of Wisconsin.

Over the next few days we'll nominate ten people to represent the Wisconsin Badgers on this year's ballot. Those ten will then be placed on a final ballot that will include ten figures selected by each of these communities:

Now, we need your help to figure out who should represent the Wisconsin Badgers on this year's ballot. Below you will find 58 candidates that include players, coaches and broadcasters from UW. You are allowed to vote for up to ten candidates (note: you can vote for less than ten) and you can write-in your own nominees.

Voting will remain open until Friday, so get your vote in NOW!