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Get Your Copy of Badger Kickoff 2010 NOW!


The wait is over. You can buy your copy of Badger Kickoff 2010 Tuesday at newsstands across Wisconsin.

Badger Kickoff 2010 is an incredibly in-depth publication from Maple Street Press full of scouting reports, stats, analysis, and feature stories about the 2010 Wisconsin Badgers that you can't find anywhere else. Throughout the offseason I have been editing and writing the magazine and could not be happier with what was produced in what will surely become an annual publication.

You can find the magazine at any chain with a magazine rack (i.e. Walmart, Roundy's, Copps, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, e.t.c.). Look for a cardboard display at Roundy's and Copps.

For Badger fans who live outside the state of Wisconsin, you can order your copy online right here!

This is the first magazine of its kind about Badger football. Unlike all the national preview magazines out there that only have two pages about Wisconsin, Badger Kickoff 2010 gives you 128 pages of ad-free, full color content on ONLY the Wisconsin Badgers and their opponents. It's an essential companion for the upcoming season. I've already found myself using it on a daily basis for information to compliment on my posts on Bucky's 5th Quarter.

For more information about what to expect in the magazine click here!