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Where I Come From: Expectations for 2010

This is the sixth in a week-long series of posts sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Today we wrap up our week-long EA Sports "Where I Come From" Series by looking ahead to the season in front of us. By now a number of well respected preview magazines and web sites have weighed in on their expectations for the Badgers and there is one giant consensus: expectations are high.

I've seen the Badgers ranked as high as No. 6 and as low as No. 23 so far this summer, but I have a good feeling that they will be ranked in the Top 15 when the official polls come out -- maybe even in the Top 10.

If I had to vote in the AP Poll right now I would probably put UW right at No. 15. Wisconsin finished at No. 16 in the AP Poll last year and while the offense should be even better than the one that led the Big Ten in scoring last season, the defense has a number of holes to fill before the season starts. It only seems fair to put the Badgers right around where they finished last season.

With that said, I'm putting Wisconsin on notice this season. The program is at the point where nothing short of the Rose Bowl should be acceptable for a team as talented as it is. It won't be easy to get by Ohio State and Iowa, but the team is capable of doing so. Games at Michigan and Michigan State will be trickier than most will think, but those are the type of games the Badgers have to win.

What are your expectations for 2010? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!