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Badger Bits: A diversion from conference expansion talk

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While we all have our thoughts on the Big Ten's potential expansion, mine will wait until later this week. For now, here are some links to Badger stories in cyberspace...

You can take tours of Camp Randall Stadium and the Kohl Center this summer.

Read about the success former Badger basketball player Zach Morley is having in Spain.

Lots of preseason All-American love for the Badgers this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball. This time it's Consensus Draft Services honoring Gabe Carimi, John Clay and John Moffitt.

Carimi is targeted by The Kickoff as well.

If you're one of the thousands of Wisconsin fans heading to Las Vegas for the team's season opener, the Athletic Department wants you to be ready for a great weekend.

Everything you need to know about season tickets for Wisconsin's men's hockey season is here.

Jeff Potrykus reports on the implications of the Pac 10's expansion thoughts on the Big Ten.

An interesting read from Bob Wolfley on legendary coach John Wooden's ties to Wisconsin.

The Badgers Blog calls a spade a spade and says the fate of Big Ten expansion ultimately hinges on Notre Dame.

An update on all things expansion.

Mike Lucas recalls that Wisconsin men's basketball coach Bud Foster went 2-0 against John Wooden.

The Big 12 could be left for dead if Pac 10 and Big Ten expansion efforts are expansive.

Cue the outrage over Wisconsin's soft football scheduling. A recent ranking puts the Badgers second-to-last in the conference in nonconference strength of schedule.

-Jake Harris