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Wisconsin, Nebraska could start a trophy game

Someone is excited about Nebraska joining the Big Ten.

Wisconsin is already trying to start a trophy game with the conference's newest member and the Badgers would like to schedule the Cornhuskers as their last game every season.

"I contacted the Big 10 office about hopefully scheduling Nebraska as a last game rival on a yearly basis," UW head coach Bret Bielema wrote in a Tweet Saturday morning. "Possibly starting a trophy game."

Before the talk of conference expansion blew up this year, there were already reports Wisconsin was trying to schedule Nebraska for a non-conference series.

"And everyone thought I was kidding about trying to get Nebraska on our schedule," Bielema said in another Tweet. "We are very excited about the new addition to our league."

Iowa may be closer to Nebraska, but given UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez's ties to the university (he played football there) and the input he has already had on getting Nebraska into the Big Ten, it appears this rivalry is already coming to life.