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Badger bits: Big Ten expansion taking over Chicago

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The Big Ten spring coaches meetings are in Chicago this week and not surprisingly, talk of conference expansion is dominating the discussion.

There hasn't been a whole lot of news, but Comissioner Jim Delany mentioned today that a conference championship game in football is not guaranteed to happen if the conference expands. Obviously, that statement is more ridiculous than the notion that a conference could have 11 teams in the first place. For my full thoughts on not having a conference championship game, check out the column I wrote for today.

Obviously Delany isn't going to talk much about expansion publicly and when he does, he's only going to talk about baffling ideas like this.

Believe it or not, the coaches actually care about other issues other than expansion. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but some Big Ten coaches aren't happy about the conference allowing guard Ben Brust to sign with the Badgers after he was released from his letter of intent with Iowa. Bruce Weber saysthe coaches are split on the issue.

Finally, in another basketball note. Former Badger Trevon Hughes is working out with the Milwaukee Bucks in advance of next month's NBA Draft.