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Badger of the Week: Adam Horowitz

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Adam Horowitz is our first "Badger of the Week"
Adam Horowitz is our first "Badger of the Week"

It's a huge week for Lost fans as the entire series will be wrapped up by Sunday night. And did you know that Lost co-producer and writer Adam Horowitz is a UW-Madison graduate ('94)?

It's only fitting for him to become the first "Badger of the Week" (because we have to do something to get through this boring offseason).

I'm happy to say that we are both Daily Cardinal alums and if you believe Wikipedia (and who doesn't?) you would know Horowitz "was a very prolific writer and reporter for the Daily Cardinal student newspaper, writing as many as five articles in the same issue. He often caught editors off-guard with humorous leads or picking odd quotes. He worked on articles about spearfishing and the Exxon Valdez."

I think it is safe to say his spearfishing stories inspired Lost and that is definitely enough to make him Badger of the Week. Congrats Adam. There is no bigger honor (unless you count Emmys and Oscars and all that crap).