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Arizona takes Schofield in 4th Round

Defensive end O'Brien Schofield became the second Badger selected in the 2010 NFL Draft when the Arizona Cardinals selected him with the 130th overall pick in the 4th round Saturday.

There has been a lot of talk about Schofield moving to outside linebacker and since the Cardinals run a 3-4 defense it appears likely Schofield will do so.

The Cardinals have made a strong move to bolster a shaky defense in the draft and have done so with the selections of nose-tackle Dan Williams of Tennessee in the first round and linebacker Daryl Washington of TCU in the second round.

Schofield likely would have gone way earlier in the draft had he not suffered an ACL tear in January, but his rehab is going well and it is no surprise that a 3-4 team like the Cardinals would take a risk on the talented pass rusher.