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Badger Bits: Brust's bubble bursts

UW recruit Ben Brust received some bad news Thursday when his appeal to play for another Big Ten school was denied by the conference.

Brust was released from his scholarship at Iowa last month after Todd Lickliter was fired, but a conference rule preventing players from playing for another Big Ten school after signing a letter of intent with another will apparently keep Brust from becoming a Badger.

It appears Brust will likely appeal the ruling. Meanwhile, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern and Iowa -- the four Big Ten schools currently offering Brust a scholarship (Iowa is hoping he will recommit) -- will wait and hope.

UW assistant coach Gary Close fell short of getting the Cornell head coaching job after the Big Red hired Virginia Tech assistant Bill Courtney. UW's coaching staff should stay intact for the 2010-11 season now.

Former walk-on Jeremy Glover is transferring to Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C. Glover and former point guard Diamond Taylor were both booted from the UW men's basketball team last fall before even playing a game. Both were arrested Sept. 6 after burglarizing several dorm rooms.

Taylor immediately transferred to Southern Illinois after the incident while Glover tried hard to get back on the team before the Athletic Department denied that effort in a Nov. 4 ruling.

Midway through the fourth round of the NFL Draft, no Badgers have been selected. Both tight end Garrett Graham and O'Brien Schofield are expected to be drafted Saturday and we will have the details when and if that happens.